“I woke up the day before Thanksgiving, ready to begin preparation for the many family members who were coming to my house the following evening for dinner. When I got into the kitchen I turned on my stove to find out that my propane tank was out. I freaked out!! My husband got on the phone and started calling propane companies. He was pricing them and checking for availability. In the end, to find out that there was a few days that would pass before anyone could come out. Finally, he came across Cleburne Propane. Not only could they come THAT DAY, but they were the least expensive of all of the other companies. They really had compassion for my situation and within a few hours I was cooking up a storm…

Thank you Cleburne Propane!! You saved my Thanksgiving and allowed me to save money at the same time… IVY W., GLEN ROSE, TX

It’s never convenient to run out of propane. It’s Murphy’s Law, and it holds true every time that anything that can go wrong will. It’s just bad timing, BUT IT CAN BE AVOIDED. Join our free VIP Keep Full Club, and get continuous delivery to your propane tank.

Needless to say, Ivy W. learned the hard way and she didn’t hesitate to sign up for our program quickly.

As a member of our VIP Keep Full Club, YOU are our PRIORITY. We’ll give you peace of mind and save you money too. There is absolutely nothing to lose. It’s a FREE PROGRAM.

So, who is ready to join our club? To learn more and to see if you qualify, call us at either of our locations.

Granbury, Weatherford – 817-279-8750
Glen Rose, Cleburne – 254-898-8519

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