Weatherford TX Propane delivery

Cleburne Propane, LLC Propane Delivery Area

Weatherford, TX propane services provided by Cleburne Propane, LLC located in Granbury, TX

Weatherford, TX propane gas services are available from Cleburne Propane, LLC.  More importantly, Cleburne Propane, LLC  also delivers to surrounding areas including Cleburne, TX, Weatherford, TX, Granbury, TX, and Glen Rose, TX.  In addition, you can see from the map that our service area touches many counties.  These counties are Johnson, Hood, Somervell, Hamilton, Erath, Tarrant, Parker and Bosque County, TX.  Our delivery trucks and drivers are standing by to respond to your order requirements in these areas.

During cold snaps we experience high demand.  Therefor, it is advisable to order gas when your tank reading is approximately 20% or more.  It is not advisable to call when your tank reads 5% or below regardless of your tank size.  Inclement weather could cause delays. New customers should be advised that a gas check is required to start new service.  This gas check is free for new customers and is required for your safety and health.  A gas check can take up to 45 minutes to complete.   During periods of high demand it can be difficult to get service from a new provider.  Therefor, consumers should plan accordingly as winter approaches.  Make sure you have an alternate source for propane gas.  Choose a company with an excellent reputation and large storage volume so you don’t get caught out in the cold.

For Weatherford, TX propane delivery, be sure to call Cleburne Propane, LLC.


Weatherford, TX delivery:  817-279-8750

Granbury, TX delivery:  817-279-8750

Glen Rose, Tx delivery:  254-898-8519