MOTHER DAUGHTER IN KITCHENFree Gas Safety Check ($85 Value)

At Cleburne Propane, LLC, the customer’s safety comes first. So, we will give each new customer a free Gas Safety Check with their first order of 100gl or more to their stationary propane tank and appliances located inside the home. The Safety Check will include testing of your appliances to be sure they are working properly and safely as well as a test of your propane system. Many competitors will take on a new customer without performing the recommended Gas Check because it is not required by law, is time-consuming, and requires expertise, however, the RRC, which oversees the propane industry in the state of Texas, highly recommends that all gas companies perform this service prior to filling a new customer’s tank. Many companies charge anywhere from $50-$150 for this service. If you are completely out of gas, a leak test will be required at an additional charge. Please call our office for details. 817-279-8750.

We also do not charge fuel surcharges or hazmat fees like some of our competitors. The only time there may be a fuel charge is if you are far outside of our normal delivery area. Please call your local office for details.

*Applies to new homeowners who have not purchased gas delivery within the last 10 years at the same address. Tenants may qualify depending on circumstances. Call your local office for further details. Available through participating locations. For stationary tanks only, no portable tanks. Min. order 100gl. Payment is due at time of delivery.

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