The closest thing to guaranteed delivery and lowest price?

Sometimes winter is rough or life gets busy and it’s not easy getting out to check your propane tank. Plus, the charges for running out are expensive and you must be home because a leak check is required by law.  That is inconvenient for most which is why 80% of our customers sign up for our program AFTER they run out the first time.

It’s a special club with special benefits that reward you for your loyalty and it is only available at Cleburne Propane, LLC for a limited time at NO CHARGE**. It is more than just a top off of your tank.  You get some very special benefits, if you qualify.  So please call or email one of our Customer Service Reps today to find out if you qualify and to hear the benefits of joining the program.  You can email us at or call the numbers below.

**Think you can’t afford it?  We have a Level Payment Plan that offers monthly payments customized to fit your needs.  Call our office to work out a plan.

817-279-8750   Granbury, TX, Weatherford, TX 

254-898-8519   Glen Rose, TX, Cleburne, TX