Residential & Commercial Delivery to Walnut Springs, TX

Residential (usually every Friday):

Cleburne Propane, LLC is a full-service delivery company. We have been delivering to homes in Walnut Springs, TX since 1999. Our drivers are trained in service work as well as quality delivery services. They must go through extensive background testing and state licensing training and testing. They are also chosen for random drug and alcohol testing regularly. They are held to the highest standards of customer service and safety. We also do not charge fuel surcharges or hazmat fees like some of our competitors.

VIP Keep Full Club

It’s a special club with special benefits that reward you for your loyalty. It is more than just a top off of your tank. You get some very special benefits, if you qualify. So please call or email one of our Customer Service Reps today to find out if you qualify and to hear the benefits of joining the program.

Level Payment Plan

Some people prefer to make payments to their account in advance of winter weather.


We are a full service propane supply company for Walnut Springs, TX. We buy and sell tanks, as well as perform installations and repairs for both Residential and Commercial tanks and systems.

Lease Tanks

We lease tanks to qualified residential and commercial customers in Walnut Springs, TX. Tanks come in 250, 500 and 1000gl sizes. The lease is paid once each year and propane must be purchased from Cleburne Propane, LLC. There are two lease levels depending on usage.


We want to be your first choice for propane delivery in Walnut Springs, TX.

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