Residential & Commercial Delivery


Cleburne Propane, LLC is a full-service delivery company. We have been delivering to homes in Hudson Oaks, TX since 1999. Our drivers are trained in service work as well as quality delivery services. They must go through extensive background testing and state licensing training and testing. They are also chosen for random drug and alcohol testing regularly. They are held to the highest standards of customer service and safety.


We provide commercial accounts with propane for their forklifts, restaurant equipment, medical supplies and other industrial needs.

VIP Keep Full Club

Sometimes winter is rough or life gets busy and it’s not easy getting out to check your propane tank. Plus, the charges for running out are expensive and you must be home because a leak check is required by law. That is inconvenient for most which is why 80% of our customers sign up for our program AFTER they run out the first time.

It’s a special club with special benefits that reward you for your loyalty. Call now for details.


We are a full service propane supply company for Hudson Oaks, TX. We buy and sell tanks, as well as perform installations and repairs for both Residential and Commercial tanks and systems. If you think you need a repair, call our office so we can help you.

Lease Tanks

We lease tanks to qualified residential and commercial customers in Hudson Oaks, TX. Tanks come in 250, 500 and 1000gl sizes.


Call NOW to order your propane delivery.  We service Weatherford, TX, Granbury, TX, Glen Rose, TX, Cleburne, TX and points in betwixt and between.

817-279-8750 or 254-898-8519