You must read the percent gauge on the tank to determine the level of gas in the tank. This is the gauge that goes from 0-100%. If it is in the red zone or below 5% there is very little gas in the tank and this may present a problem for the new homeowner upon move-in and they will need to call for a delivery, especially in cold weather, or they may run out.
Be sure this is covered in your real estate contract. Is the old owner giving leftover gas to the new owner at no charge? If not, what was the price paid at the last delivery and what should the credit be? Will this be resolved in escrow?
Ask the homeowner or tenant if the tank is leased or owned. If the tank is leased, the lease doesn’t always automatically transfer to the new owner, however they MUST buy gas from the company that owns the tank and pay the yearly lease price. We require a new lease in the name of the new owner. Company policies vary on this issue. If it is a lease tank, it will have a sticker on it that says “Property of XYZ Propane” and might also be locked. Some propane companies charge very high prices to lease customers. New owners who are not aware of this are often dismayed when they get the bill. Cleburne Propane, LLC does not charge higher prices to lease customers. The transfer of the home to new ownership would be a great time to switch your lease tank to our company or buy a tank outright from our Granbury or Glen Rose locations.
Yes, The lease company must be notified with the new homeowner information so a new lease can be written and for proper billing of the lease tank.
The homeowner must present a bill of sale as proof of purchase. If there is not a bill of sale, call the propane company for verification of ownership.
Keep Full Programs are an agreement between the propane company and the homeowner that allows the propane company to fill the tank at any time. The agreement must be cancelled when the old homeowner moves out and a new agreement is signed by the new property owner. If not, the tank could be filled with no knowledge of the ownership change and an argument could ensue between the parties involved over the bill.
Home inspectors do not inspect the propane tank. This could present a dangerous situation for the new homeowner. We suggest all new homeowners call our office to order a gas safety check. It may be given at no charge if they are also purchasing gas at the same time. Call our office at 817-279-8750.
If the house is to be vacant for a long time, the gas should be turned off at all the appliances. It can also be turned off at the tank. If the gas is turned off at the tank, all pressure is lost. Leak Tests are required by the State of Texas in this case. The homeowner will need to call our office. Leak Tests are also required if the tank is empty. Leak tests usually cost about $65.
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