Are you buying or selling a home with propane? Many people are unaware of situations that might arise before, during and after the sales process that involve the propane service to the home. For instance does the tank come with the house? How do we get reimbursed for propane that was purchased before the home was sold? If the tank is leased, how do we transfer the lease to the new homeowner?

Cleburne Propane, LLC has generated a helpful list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you in the process of buying or selling a home with propane. This is an abbreviated version. To read the full version with more questions and detailed answers visit our website at


Q. Is there any gas in the tank and who is paying for it?
A. You must read the percent gauge on the tank to determine the level of gas in the tank.

Q. How do I know who the tank belongs to?
A. Ask the homeowner or tenant if the tank is leased or owned

Q. If the tank is a lease tank should the lease company be notified the homeowner has changed?
A. Yes.

Q. What if the tank has a “Property of XYZ” company sticker on the tank but the homeowner insists they purchased the tank?
A. The homeowner must present a bill of sale as proof of purchase.

Q. How do I get paid back for gas in the tank?
A. Be sure this is covered in your real estate contract.

Here is the full version with additional questions and answers:
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