Everyone deserves the best in safety and service from their propane company.  Yet so many people choose a company based on price alone.  Here are 6 BAD SIGNS that the company you picked may NOT have your best interest at heart and might fall short in providing you with the speed, technical knowledge and safe business practices you expect.


  1. THEY DON’T ANSWER THEIR PHONE IN THE OFF SEASON. Some companies exist purely to deliver gas in the winter months and then disappear for the rest of the time.  This presents a problem to the customer should something go wrong with their tank and they need service.  Or maybe they actually need gas in the summer.  Failure to answer phones is a sure sign that your propane company is only in business part of the time.  Try calling them in July as a test.


  1. THEY ARE NOT LOCAL. Several companies and their bulk storage tanks are based in far off locations that are over 45 minutes away yet they have a satellite office near you where they have hung out a shingle to make it look like they are local.  Always ask where their bulk tanks are located.  This will give you a better idea of their ability to service you in bad weather or emergency conditions and how long you may have to wait for gas.


  1. EMERGENCY DELIVERY AND SERVICE 24/7 IS NON-EXISTENT. It’s late at night and you just now found time to check your propane tank. You discover you have very little gas to get you through the night and need a delivery first thing in the morning.  Your propane company has no emergency service.  Your pipes could freeze if you don’t get gas within 24 hours.  That’s usually when you start calling around to other companies in a panic, and no one has time for a new customer. Always ask about an emergency service hotline availability and expected downtime.


  1. THERE ARE HIDDEN FEES OR YOU LEASE FROM A HIGH PRICED CHAIN. Several propane providers quote low prices over the phone and then stick you with hidden fees like hazmat or fuel surcharges. These fees can increase your propane cost up to 25%.  Ask about extra charges when inquiring about price.  If you have a lease tank, you must buy from them.  Find out if they have “gouged” other customers in your area during times of short supply.


  1. THEY ARE ONE MAN AND A TRUCK WORKING FROM HOME. It’s impossible for a company made up of a man and a truck to provide you with technical assistance and tank service work if that person is also the only one that can make the deliveries and answer the phone.  If they are working out of their home it’s unlikely there’s a good inventory of parts and fittings to resolve your untimely repair issues.  The price may be 5 cents cheaper, but the inconvenience of having to wait several weeks for service while your gas leaks is not worth it.  Inquire as to how service work is performed should you have a leak at your tank or a bad valve, who is available to perform the work and most importantly when.


  1. GAS SAFETY CHECKS ARE NOT PERFORMED. Usually required by insurance liability companies, a gas safety check should be performed by every new gas company you employ to ensure your safety.  These checks involve inspecting lines and appliances for issues and it could save your life.  It takes time, but you are worth it!  Do not hire a propane company that doesn’t have mandatory safety checks for new customers. Just performing a leak test is NOT ENOUGH.

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